Crystal ITG is a unique e-Marketing Agency: a wise blend of "old school" refined tools mixed with a sophisticated digital expertise.

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We love to make your contents go viral in your Social Medias!

A screenshot of Instagram account of Africa Race showing the virality reached by pur clip up to Million views

Some say it... We really can do it! WE TAKE YOU VIRAL in TikTok, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook

A screenshot from the TikTok account of Africa Race showing the virality of a clip up to 3,2 Million views (groowing)

"However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results" Sir Winston Churchill

The digital market has specialized a lot in the last 2 years and clearly every Social Media has positioned itself in very specific utilization modes and by certain cluster of users.

Said this, every phase of a Communication (Branding, Awareness or  Conversion campaign) is addressed by specific medias. Every media talks its own language, in terms of content, music/voice, hashtags, links, keywords, posting dynamics. And we know how to create the winning mix: every level in the funnel uses at best a specific social media, discover the correct mix for your business with us!

A simplified (3 steps) Marketing Funnel undertaken via Social medias

With the growth of the so called “Social Commerce”, we know how to embed the Products catalogues of the Shopify eCommerce platform directly in Facebook and Instagram, so to offer any chance to win a customer to our customer, independently by where the users’ attention is grabbed.

Let to us the hard work of users’ profiling and expectations, plus engaging them with attracting content and the right hashtag usage: there is nothing to invent here, just we share our vast experience with since day 1.

Why we go VIRAL in any Social media?

It’s a mix of three factors:

TECHNOLOGY: We use the most advanced platforms to discover trends, hashtags, keywords, trending music and effects that engage positively the specific media’s algorythm.

PROCESSES: Later we blend these outcomes into a structured process to post-produce the perfect post for any specific social media (and relevant users), making wide use of captions, speech-to-text, transitions and posting schedule as by the deepest analytics.

ORGANIZATION: Finally we work daily on any Social Media since 2014 and monitor how they evolve their algorythm, by exchanging opinions on dedicated blogs and groups every week.

Now you know our recipe! But using it is not a simple affair….

Here is how we can support you:

A simple as effective matrix presenting the output of Crystal360 services when managing Social medias.

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