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Africa Race (once Paris-Dakar)


Once called Paris-Dakar, in 2008 it was canceled 1 day before the start. In 2009 ASO claimed the right of the Dakar brand and moved the race in south America and today in Saudi Arabia, while the Pioneers of the original rally launched Africa Eco Race to continue the competition from Monaco to Dakar, on the same tracks of the original competition.


Africa Race reached out Crystal (and other Agencies) to get the best offer in order to refresh its image and win new competitors after the hard stop imposed by covid restrictions in 2020 and 2021.



Already in the proposition (offer) stage, Crystal designed a clear gap-analysis and a sophisticated path to repositionate the Brand, and win new customers and sponsors. With a 16 months long contract Crystal planned t0 decuplicate social media followers as well as change the metalanguage and the style of communicatio, so to target the much wider target represented by fans rather that the few thousands of competitors racing in the world



Crystal’s Content Creators reached the 14th edition fo the race and have been integrated in the Media staff of the organization. Using a wide mix of cameras, drones, 360 cameras and mbile spartphone, Crystal collected 14 TB of media footage and took full responsibilites of the social media calendar of Africa Race (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, Twitter and Youtube, producing a mix of viral posts that shoked by quality and results, not only Africa Race management, but the whole rally ecosystem.



Our product is very specific and it’s an elitarian race: people spend from 50 to 200 K€ to enjoy the spirit fo Paris-Dakar Rally and reach the Lac Rose in Dakar-Senegal. Apart form the physical challenge, it is not exactly an affordable passion. Crystal came out with an offer years light more sophysticated than any other Agency called to make an offer. But what really shockd me was not only the visioning and planning they put in place, but also the operative side they have and still are executing nowadyas. Managing a rally, I am used to evaluate by results: Crystal  reached the project targets  in the first 3 months of work instead of the 16 forecasted! Our organic traffic has multiplied by 10.000 x (and still is growing) by fully understanding our customers (target), the pros/cons of our competitors and by applying a strict agenda made of clear long term scheduling, engaging copywrite and awesome post production for the media we gave the to work with. Great experience, open talking full collaboration: these guys know how to work with Social networks and how to speak to high-ticket spenders!

Anthony Schlesser – Africa Race Director


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    Africa Race
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    Social Networks development
  • Date:
    31 March, 2021