Crystal ITG is a unique e-Marketing Agency: a wise blend of "old school" refined tools mixed with a sophisticated digital expertise.

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“A goal without a plan is just a wish.” Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Some Customers simply ask to us to do everything for them: from full Business Plan development to Social Media set-up and traffic generation, including Digital Ads via Microsoft Ads (Bing and Yahoo!) and native solutions (Outbrain) to eCommerce platform development.

Here comes the competence in Business Strategy & Marketing Consulting developed by our Management in decades of Top-Tier consulting working.

Not only we do analyse Customers, Competitors, Funding Company, but also develop the Marketing Strategy and the financial model and finally the whole Digital framework. This includes all the functionalities above mentioned, in a seamless project with progressive activation of eCommerce. Social medias and Digital Advertising.

It looks as simple as the design shows, but in any step there is a “drop” of your success recipe.

We know where and how to collect and compare data, how to analyse different scenarios and how to design strategic solutions with B-plans and clear goals and KPIs.

With one aim: YOUR SUCCESS!

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Maybe you are already fully structured about all the other activities; if not we’d love you to consider our other services, for a real 360° digital eco-system development fully integrated.