Crystal ITG is a unique e-Marketing Agency: a wise blend of "old school" refined tools mixed with a sophisticated digital expertise.

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It’s also called “Organic Trafic” development and it leverages the virality offered by the Social medias like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, Twitter, Youtube and others.

We engage potential customers by developing and executing a communication plan in synergy with the “Paid Trafic” (Digital Ads) and in coherence with the expectations of the users of any specific platform.

Never ever drop a Pin in Pinterest with the same logic, copy and format you are using in Instagram: you’d turn into the typical “boomerang effect”. Interested to understand why? Give us a call!

With the growth of the so called “Social Commerce”, we know how to embed the Products catalogues of the Shopify eCommerce platform directly in Facebook and Instagram, so to offer any chance to win a customer to our customer, independently by where the users’ attention is grabbed.

Let to us the hard work of users’ profiling and expectations, plus engaging them with attracting content and the right hashtag usage: there is nothing to invent here, just we share our vast experience with since day 1.

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Maybe you are already fully structured with all the other activities, if not we’d love you to consider our other services, for a real 360° digital eco-system development.