Crystal ITG is a unique e-Marketing Agency: a wise blend of "old school" refined tools mixed with a sophisticated digital expertise.

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"There is nothing so useless as doing efficiently that which should not be done at all." Peter Drucker

Shopify or WooCommerce or just WordPress?

And with what functionalities, languages, currencies, responsive features and digital tricks to uplift trust, reputation and, in the end a profitable and stable transaction funnel?

We’ll follow a simple but efficient process:

1.    Listen to your needs in terms of branding, style, complexity, copy, media

2.    Analyze strongest competitors’ solutions

3.    Decide together the best platform for your needs between Shopify and WordPress/Woo Commerce

4.    Acquire your domain domain name or transfer it from actual registrate/hosting to new one chosen in previous step

5.    Put together the wireframe of both Homepage and Product Pages (Customer Funnel journey optimization)

6.    Set-up the whole back-end in coherence with the agreed wireframe

7.    Build the front-end of your website with media and copy of your choice (or of our development)

8.    Integrate all the Apps to upgrade the website to the whole functionality you desire (e.g: re-marketing platforms, scarcity counters, trust badges, rapid cart, opt-in and opt-out pop-ups, dynamic banners, etc…)

9.    Integrate the payment channels chosen (e.g.: Paypal, Stripe, Apple pay, Shopify pay, Split it etc…).

10. Refine all the compulsory policies needed: Privacy, Cookie, Legal Notice, GDPR, CCPA, Shipping & Return Policy, footer data, etc…

11. Integrate (if needed) all the Analytical tools needed to coordinate Advertising efforts, such as: Google Analytics, Google Ads tags, Facebook/Instagram Pixel

12. Eventually integrate Facebook/Instagram/Pinterest shopping channels into Shopify platform

13. Test and launch your website


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Ok, this is about Website building and addressing the CONVERSION phase, but never forget that it’s just a portion along the “Customer’s purchase jurney”.

Yes, the eCommerce website is the place where the transactions happen, but never forget that your store or website will be one of the 7+ Billions (growing) sites out there and without a full “journey” management, the chances to stand-out in that ocean are not so much, honestly speaking…

Maybe you are already fully structured about all the other activities; if not we’d love you to consider our other services, for a real 360° digital eco-system development fully integrated.