Crystal ITG is a unique e-Marketing Agency: a wise blend of "old school" refined tools mixed with a sophisticated digital expertise.

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What is the best platform for your needs? Which channels and what frequency will ve advertise? Which KPIs will we monitor and how will we spend the budget? It depends on many factors, including where we’ll decide to advertise.

We work on daily basis on the following platforms and are ready to take care of your account, minimizing costs (ACOS) ad maximizing sales (ROAS) on:

  • Google Ads (Search, Youtube, Display, Partners’ Network)
  • Facebook Business Suite (Facebook, Instagram & Partners’ Network)
  • Microsoft Ads (Bing, Yahoo!, Partners Network)
  • Outbrain Native Ads
  • Linkedin Ads
  • Pinterest Ads
  • TikTok for Business

We have a deep knowledge of how to select short and long text keywords by analysing competitors’ websites with Ubersuggest platform and then refining with Google Trends and Keyword Planner. This is just the beginning: we are able to design the logical sales funnel and transform it into actions within any Digital Ads platform, with clear planning and budgeting of Digital campaigns, including copywrite design and media creation.

Refining, tuning and trimming the bids keyword by keyword is the next step to reduce budget expenses and create awareness, traffic, interest and, finally bring in the transaction. Even activating the best of the best tactic: Retargeting (on she same platform but to interested Audiences) or Remarketing via eMail (newsletter/promos).

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Maybe you are already fully structured about all the other activities; if not we’d love you to consider our other services, for a real 360° digital eco-system development fully integrated.