1x Campaign eMail Remarketing


We’ll spend 1h together with you analyzing from any perspective all the opportunities to develop a pro eMail Klaviyo campaign as proof of concept of the great things we can do together in a more structured collaboration. Or, if you prefer, we’ll analyze specific areas of your interest.


– Klaviyo Email Marketing Audit;
– SMS Marketing Audit;
– Email marketing for Shopify;
– Targeted Custom Email Campaigns;
– Klaviyo Email Flows;
– SMS Campaigns;
– SMS Automatic Flows;
– SMS Subscriber Collection;
– Email Marketing Automation;
– Opt-in Optimization;
– Email Popup / Collection;
– Email Marketing Strategy;
– SMS Marketing Strategy.

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An email campaign is a one-time send to a pre-established target group of contacts: regular newsletters, sale announcements, or promotional sends. An individual campaign can be created and sent immediately, or a campaign can be prepared and then scheduled to send at a later time.


This is a month-long full-time service delivering 10 different Campaigns, selected among 8 different types which you can mix: we’ll decide together the right mix  of sales-oriented emails with educational and value-driven campaigns in order to keep the traction with your Customer always at best level:

  1. Back-in-stock campaign: a sales-oriented email, a great way to boost your Klaviyo attributed revenue is to announce products that just became available.
  2. Best-seller campaign: a sales-oriented email, typically drives a considerable amount of extra sales, especially, if combined with an incentive like a discount.
  3. Free Product campaign: a sales-oriented email, offering a free product with a purchase. Great way to differentiate an incentive, and who doesn’t love a free product.
  4. New Product Launch: whether a pre-order or early-bird discount, this sales-oriented email is one of the best revenue generators for commerce stores.
  5. Product/Flash Sale: a sales-oriented email, one of the guaranteed ways of boosting revenue. Great way to treat your customers, move stock, or boost cash flow.
  6. Blog/Content Campaign: an education email that does not translate into the most profitable campaign, but educates and brings value to your customer. It improves customer buying journey, satisfaction, and lifetime value.
  7. Hybrid Content Campaign: an education/sales email that talks about a specific product in-depth while educating the customer and bringing more sales.
  8. Email Newsletter Campaign: the best way to announce company news!

The 10 e-Mail Remarketing Campaigns will run for few days each, most of them overlapping one with each other, but targeting specific segments of customers, all along the 1 month service subscription.


The 10 Campaigns will run for few days each, most of them overlapping one with each other, but targeting specific segments of customers, all along the 1 month service subscription.

We implement and manage 10 custom campaigns per month, fully developed and ready to use: right design, copywriting, preview text, and subject line.

All the campaigns are created within 5 working days, they will go through our approval and form that day they will be run and managed for 1 full month.


PREREQUISITE: Klaviyo standard license.

Upon ordering a 10X custom email campaigns, you will need to fill in a short survey indicating your brand details such as colours, brand tone, preferred discount: we will do the rest. We will ensure that you properly run Klaviyo as e-Mail forwarder: you’ll be asked to add us as Administrator of your Account in Klaviyo.